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Thread: onjob training/apprenticeship/gaining experiance.

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    thanks for all the replys. i havnt got B1 license, still some modules 15/17, 4/5 were due to take up. before i did this course i had a diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering in india. i lived in UK for 5 years and have no ristriction on work. is any age limit on apprenticeships?

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    There is no (official) way an employer can discriminate on grounds of age these days. There is however a requirement for a B1 holder in the uk to be able to communicate effectively in written and spoken English.

    I am aware that this is an on-line forum and some posters don't bother spell or grammer checking but if I were you I would check your CV over. If it is anywhere close to your posts, please don't bother sending one to me.

    The industry is being choosy right now and in the words of a well known supermarket, "every little helps"

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    It is illegal (after 2006?) to refuse employment in the UK based on an applicants age....the age limit of apprentices is only for funding within the UK government schemes. Younger apprentices under 19 at inception incur the highest funding.

    I know a few of 'older' apprentices, some are so old that I think they are nearly thinking of retiring (almost).

    It's a pity you have limited yourself to B1.1 as I understand that the helicopter industry in India is quite lively at the moment. You could have taken these modular exams at two venues (at least) in India, this would have paved the way for a career in Europe. Your diploma in A/C maint may not translate very well in the UK, but your Part-66 will.

    There are many job agencies out there, but it can be difficult to break into the market without a proven record, this is called 'catch 22'. I know some who have all B1.1 modules complete who are finding things difficult and frustrating to start employment. I suspect that even working for no salary would still be difficult to get started.

    You may have to kiss some frogs to get your dream 'princess' job.

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