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Thread: Cat A Revision Questions HELP !!

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    Hi i done a course at ast however i still need to sit mod 6, mod 7 questions and mod 12 i would really appreciate any help that can be offered to me.

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    another AST

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    If you've done the AST Cat A3 course, I assume they would have included these modules in it.

    Your question might be better worded:

    "I've failed three modules at AST and I'm tyring to short-cut the easiest way in passing the resits which are scattered throughout the rest of the year and I can't be too bothered putting some effort in"

    You will have no chance in passing the AST exams from past CAA/other question papers, AST pride themselves in having such convoluted exam questions and answers that dissuade most from passing their second, third and fourth attempts. Many fall at the first attempt.

    There are no short cuts in passing the AST exams. If you had applied more thought and application during the actual lessons, you would not be in this position. Passing the resit is almost impossible without putting 110% effort into the course material and upping your game substantially.

    Simply asking for example questions on this site will usually result in being ridiculed by the numerous contributors. Escpecially as your Modules are the broadest subject matter available.

    I would usually advise studying for B1.3 level for your remaining modules, only then could I expect you to pass the AST Cat A3 version exams with some confidence. Put some effort in and write your own questions, it leads to better pass rates.

    Of course, if you've not attempted the exams yet, then why bother as the lesssons and self-study time will give you all you need.

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    Default Re: Cat A Revision Questions HELP !!

    There are no short cuts in passing the AST exams.....
    400.......This is us you're talking to......
    Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians....

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