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Thread: pressure ice detector

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    Default pressure ice detector

    what is pressure ice detector ??
    any one got some notes or know some websites about this ??

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    Default Re: pressure ice detector

    Pressure of ice acretion??!!

    Please report further..........................

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    Default Re: pressure ice detector

    Some turbine aircraft fuel systems have ice detection in the engine fuel supply lines. This is in addition to the usual filters and warnings.

    Ice filters are usually quite coarse devices when compared to the usual fuel filters and operate using differential pressure devices to operate warning lights or other indicators.

    There are some patents existing for aircraft ice detection using various methods, some of these involve differential pressure systems, aerofoil detection or other methods but I've not seen these in use myself.

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    This might have something to do with it........a NASA experiment, from what I can make out it has something to do with oscillating diaphragms??
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    From memory this is an obsolete system used in the 1950's
    A forward facing tube with 4 holes in the front and 2 in the back. This is connected to a diaphram with a micro switch,as ice blocks the forward holes the diaphram distorts,the micro swich makes and a warning illuminates.
    You may find an example in early CAIP's.As I said an obsolete system,and why you should be asked about it I dont know. Hope the above helps.

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    Default Re: pressure ice detector

    this is for my easa b1 module 11 came for my exam..thanks

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    You should have said, its (b).....
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    Or the longest answer.

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    Eat more pies....M0NCL

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    Smile Re: pressure ice detector

    Nice one Dunny.I tried to find it but gave up.Thought CAIP's would have the answer.Still dont understand why it would be a question on a B1 module exam in these days,seems a bit like asking questions about spoked wheels to me.

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