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Thread: Stobart Group Bids For Aer Arann

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    ATW Online: Monday December 17, 2012
    Stobart Receives Approval For Aer Arann Takeover
    UK distribution firm Stobart Group has received approval to acquire sole control of Irish regional airline Aer Arann.

    “The [Irish] Competition Authority has cleared the proposed transaction whereby Stobart Group Limited would acquire sole control of Aer Arann,” the regulator said in a statement.

    An investigation into the deal revealed “little or no overlap” between Aer Arann and Stobart’s business activities and no objections were lodged. Carlisle-headquartered Stobart is principally active in road transport, although it also has interests in London Southend and Carlisle airports.

    “In line with legal requirements, we are advancing plans to facilitate a potential restructuring of the company. These matters remain subject to statutory processes, including those of the Commission for Aviation Regulation. A further announcement will be made upon completion of the process period,” Aer Arann said in a statement..

    By Victoria Moores
    Nice move....
    I love this job

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    ATW Online: Thursday March 20, 2014
    Aer Arann to be rebranded as Stobart Air
    Irish regional carrier Aer Arann is to undergo a name change to reflect the identity of its controlling shareholder. The airline will lose the name it has operated under since its foundation in 1970 as a Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander operator on small islands off the west coast of Ireland and take the new corporate title Stobart Air, the airline announced Thursday.

    In 2001 Aer Arann separated from what is now known as Aer Arann Islands, which remains a BN-2 operator.

    The UK-based Stobart Group, which acquired 45% of Aer Arann in 2010, is a logistics and support services company best known for its trucking operations and whose assets include London Southend Airport, Carlisle Lake District Airport in northwest England and air freight, maintenance and airport services.

    The transition to the Stobart Air name will be completed by the end of this year.

    The airline’s operations are currently conducted under the Aer Lingus Regional brand as part of a franchise agreement with the Irish flag-carrier. It operates 550 flights weekly across 27 routes throughout Ireland, the UK and France and is expanding its Ireland-UK links.

    Asked whether the Aer Arann title would not have more resonance with Irish passengers than Stobart Air, a spokesman noted that no aircraft had operated under the original branding since the franchise operations started in 2010. “They are operating under the Aer Lingus Regional banner and that’s what the customer sees.”

    Stobart Air aims to become a specialist in franchise or contract flying for major European airlines, and to double passenger numbers within five years. Last year, it flew 1.11 million passengers, up by around 10% on 2012.

    The company flies a fleet of ATR turboprops. It has received six of an order for eight ATR 72-600s placed in 2012, with the remaining two due to be in service by this summer. These are replacing older ATR 72-200s and ATR 42-300s and will join three existing ATR 72-500s. The franchise agreement with Aer Lingus has already been extended until 2022.

    The next phase of its strategy will focus on additional franchise partnerships, making more extensive use of its links with London Southend Airport and improving growth with other airports including Dublin, Cork and Shannon.

    By: Alan Dron
    I saw a Stobart Group family event on TV over the last Christmas, with an Aer Arann ATR aircraft parked in the background. Happy bunch they appeared to be....
    I love this job

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    Not hanging around, are they?

    Flybe announces that it has reached agreement with Stobart Air, a Stobart Group business, for a five year franchising agreement at London Southend Airport.
    Under this new agreement, Stobart Air (formerly Are Arann) will operate new routes from London Southend Airport in partnership with Flybe.
    Flybe has proven experience as a franchisor, most notably with Loganair who have 17 aircraft operating in Flybe colours.
    The franchise operation will commence on 5th June with two 72 seat ATR aircraft in Flybe livery to a mix of destinations in Benelux and Northern Europe.

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    After all those years Flybe flew in Air France colours, it's good to see them passing on their own colours to newbies..
    I love this job

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