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Thread: Dviation KL ATR contract

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    Default Dviation KL ATR contract

    Hi All

    Does anyone have any info on this agency or ATR work in KL.....

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Dviation KL ATR contract

    Send me a pm , I worked for them for a couple of months .
    B737,757,767 , A320/330/340/350 ........ And several bars .....

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    Default Re: Dviation KL ATR contract

    Thanks TinyTim but looks like I don't have PM privileges yet......

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    Default Re: Dviation KL ATR contract

    So spill the beans to us all then......

    They couldn't afford me is all I know about them......

    The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

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