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Thread: Luton....

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    Isn't Dunstable a boil on the arse of Luton ?
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    Ex Brits & Monarchs here, Luton is a dump. Although you don't have to travel to far as there are lots of little villages around Markyate, Peters green out the back of the airport. If you are going to work for one of the local airlines, their HR departments used to get info on local rental.

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    I learned to play swish-**** in Peters Green. I'll agree with the statement, are all true! Some of the smaller villages and towns are really nice though, Hitchin, Whitwell etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obi-wan Kenobi View Post
    Isn't Watford a small town in Luton.....?
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    Haven't sang that one for a while.......

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