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Thread: Chinese MA60s in Landing Scare

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    Lightbulb Chinese MA60s in Landing Scare

    ATW Online: Wednesday February 26, 2014
    AVIC to ask CAAC to ground MA60s for safety inspections
    Aviation Corp. of China (AVIC) subsidiary Xi’an Aircraft Industry Co. plans to apply to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to ground MA60 operations as soon as possible for safety inspections following another incident on the Chinese-produced regional aircraft.

    On the night of Feb. 25, an MA60, operated by Okay Airways - enroute from Tianjin to Shenyang with 30 people onboard - was on approach to Shenyang when the crew received an unsafe landing gear indication and aborted the approach after extending the gear.

    The aircraft entered a hold to troubleshoot for about 2:15 hours, performed a number of low approaches, which showed the gear appeared to be in extended position. The crew prepared for an emergency landing with a possibly unlocked gear, but managed a safe landing about 2.5 hours past schedule.

    XAC confirmed the safety error was mainly caused by a malfunction of the gear indication system.

    Earlier in February, a Joy Air Xi’an MA60 crashed on landing at China’s Zhengzhou-Xinzheng Airport Feb. 4, significantly damaging the aircraft. There were no reported injuries among the 37 passengers and seven cabin crewmembers onboard.

    Joy Air operates eight MA60s and is scheduled to take delivery of four more of the type this year while Okay Airways operates 11 MA60s and is expected to introduce two more aircraft at the end of February.

    By: Katie Cantle
    Must be the respect culture. The OEM begging the NAA to produce an AD. Hmm..some footie players (and managers) do ask the Ref to brandish a card.

    If the OEM is sure of a fix, then he should produce an Alert SB or AOT for the airlines and NAA to bite into. If not, we could send Billy over with some WD-40 and Feeler Gauges.

    Have you noticed the cheerful and optimistic names of the MA60 operators?
    I love this job

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    Default Re: Chinese MA60s in Landing Scare

    Kind Master has obliged.

    ATW Online: Tuesday March 04, 2014
    CAAC grounds 15 MA60s for landing gear inspections
    The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has grounded 15 MA60s after recent safety incidents involving the landing gear.

    The grounded aircraft include those owned by Okay Airways, Joy Air, Lao Airlines, Air Zimbabwe, Transporte Aéreo Militar-TAM (the civil wing of the Bolivian Air Force), and those formerly operated by Zest Air in the Philippines.

    The Chinese-produced regional aircraft are manufactured by Aviation Corp. of China (AVIC) subsidiary Xi’an Aircraft Industry Co.
    Joy Air, which operates eight MA60s, has grounded five of the type for one week from March 1. Okay Airways, which operates 11 MA60s, has grounded one aircraft. It is scheduled to take delivery of two of the type in the near future.

    AVIC has received 210 orders for the MA60 from domestic and international carriers; it has delivered 88 aircraft. In China, only Xi’an-based Joy Air and Tianjin-based Okay Airways operate the regional turboprop.

    By: Katie Cantle
    I love this job

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