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    Hello My name is Justin
    I was brought up around air craft from when I could walk but saw my farther get over run by the bigger company's.
    Now I special in the recovery and refinement of precious metals.
    It is funny my dad kept them in the air and now I digest and dissolve them.
    I have been looking for information on the end of life services but have not seen much on the subject.
    Once I have got to know you a bit better I will be asking for help to source scrap part's and offering advice on the proper analysis of components.
    I happen to know the industry is giving middle men much more profit than they should at the moment,so will be trying to help people with valuable alloys retain more of the money for them self's.
    Much thanks for an interesting forum and I look forward to what you have to say.

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    Hi Justin

    Welcome! How is your sense of humour....

    Is he nearer?
    always de-neigh it and my Member is still honourable

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    Welcome !
    B737,757,767 , A320/330/340/350 ........ And several bars .....

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