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Thread: FAA A&P to bachelor degree

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    Hi Dear Members,
    i'm wondering some help to my friend regrading how he can use his FAA A&P license and my 12 years professional experience in aircraft maintenance working as aircraft technician , to get a bachelor degree in the aviation field .I told i heard some UK/US universities offer a short on line course based on AME license and maintenance experience to get bachelors degree.Basically my question which is best school for such course?and how much it will cost as he is not UK/US citizen and living out of UK/USA.

    Many thanks in advanced.

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    Why would your 12 years help?
    Not sure I'd trust a bachelor degree gained by a "short online course."

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    No idea why you would want to do this, but look here for info.

    I thought that this course was dropped. but it appears to be going strong. The FAA A&P would be worthless in EASA land usually, at the moment.

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