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Thread: Brexit means Brexit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alber Ratman View Post
    And the death of the regionals in this country like Flybe and a few others. But those BA old skool LAEs don't care as they have their Brexit.
    No..oo..oo. Those other EU Regionals don't want to just be flying among themselves. They need the UK feed for their longhauls. So, the drop in passenger numbers will be felt right across the continent. If in doubt, let's try it and see who blinks first.
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    I don't think Corbyn is bothered one iota about being labelled anti-semitic,in fact he probably welcomes it.Votes are what he's after & I think there's a lot more Muslims in the UK that Jews.

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    I think you are right Wotme about Corbyn. Much the same as the London mayor, he has a huge voting base he can depend on who vote for their like, without considering any alternative candidate. So he has no need to bother about the needs of the now much smaller indigenes population.
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