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Thread: VHR do it again !

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    Angry VHR do it again !

    Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut !

    They've ****ed up the rates at Airbus TwoLoos, Bremen, and Hamburg for everyone by slimy antics to get in the door.....

    The guys down there have just had a take it or leave it rate drop from 45 an hour, to 23 an hour !

    Two other agencies also deserve an honourable mention for their efforts in helping to drive it down.....
    Qualitair and Derichebourg Germany.

    Nice one guys, I hope your ****ing dicks get infested with puss and rot off.
    B1 B2's, remember . . . . .
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    Cool Re: VHR do it again !

    Feck I have accepted that only marginal acceptable pay nowadays is outside the continent or UK for that matter. I'm currently in Havanna Cuba station supervisor with an
    all inclusive package working 4 weeks on 2 off Mon to FRI, and this off the tools ! Absolutly milking it

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