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Thread: Emirates B777.....

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    Default Emirates B777.....

    Maybe the internet was down for all the usual armchair specialists but didn't something happen in Dubai on Wednesday.......?

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    Default Re: Emirates B777.....

    Rugby 7s...?
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    Mystery why so little exposure a few speculations in Gulf press including U/C not down or retracted too soon for a go around. Is there a difference between crash landing and crashed on landing? Most media leaned towards crash landing, which would suggest something wrong and the aircraft made the best landing it could! Evacuation again highlighted delays with Pax trying to retrieve their luggage from overhead lockers.
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    Lightbulb Emirates 777 Crash: Preliminary Report

    ATW Online; Tuesday September 6, 2016
    Emirates 777 touched down long, then attempted go-around
    The preliminary report on the Aug. 3 crash landing of an Emirates Airline Boeing 777-300 at Dubai International Airport stated that the aircraft attempted a go-around after initially touching down briefly.

    All 300 passengers and crew escaped as the aircraft burst into flames, but an airport firefighter was killed when the aircraft’s center fuel tank exploded as he fought the blaze after the aircraft came to a rest. The aircraft was destroyed, marking the first hull loss for Emirates.

    The preliminary report, published by the United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority, is purely factual and does not attempt any analysis of the reasons for the crash. That will follow when the final report is published.

    The preliminary report stated the aircraft was reaching the end of its flight from Trivandrum International Airport in southern India and was on approach to Dubai’s runway 12L. The captain was the pilot flying (PF) and the co-pilot was the pilot monitoring (PM).

    As the flight neared Dubai, it received a warning from the automatic terminal information service of wind shear conditions affecting all runways.

    As the aircraft descended through 1,100 ft. at 152 kts. indicated airspeed (IAS), the headwind of 8 kts. changed to a tailwind. The autopilot was disengaged at approximately 920 ft. and the approach continued with autothrottle connected. As the aircraft descended through 700 ft., the tailwind gradually increased to 16 kts.

    The PF began to flare the aircraft - the landing step that follows final approach - at 35 ft. and 159 kts. IAS. The autothrottle transitioned to idle and both thrust levers moved towards the idle position. At 160 kts. IAS - 5 ft. above the runway and five seconds before touchdown - the wind direction again started to change to a headwind.

    The right main landing gear touched down approximately 1,100 meters from the runway 12L threshold at 162 kts. IAS, followed three seconds later by the left main landing gear. The nose landing gear remained in the air.

    Two seconds later, the aircraft’s runway awareness advisory system (RAAS) triggered a “long landing, long landing” warning and, four seconds later, the aircraft became airborne again in an attempt to go around.

    A few seconds later the undercarriage began to retract. The aircraft reached a maximum height of approximately 85 ft. at 134 kts. IAS, with the landing gear still retracting, when it began to drop back onto the runway.

    According to the report, both pilots recalled seeing the IAS decreasing and the co-pilot called out “check speed.” Three seconds before impact with the runway, both thrust levers were moved from the idle position to full forward.

    One second before impact, both engines started to respond, but the aircraft’s aft fuselage hit the runway, with a nose-up pitch angle of 9.5 degrees, and at a rate of descent of 900 ft. per minute. The engine nacelles then hit the runway.

    As the aircraft slid along the runway, the No. 2 engine-pylon assembly separated from the right hand wing and an intense fuel fire began at the engine-pylon wing attachment area. Subsequently, another fire began on the underside of the No. 1 engine.

    The PF transmitted a Mayday call and advised that the aircraft was being evacuated. The first airport fire service vehicle arrived within one minute of the aircraft coming to a stop and began spraying foam, with other vehicles arriving shortly afterward.

    Apart from the firefighter who died, 21 passengers, one pilot and one cabin crew member sustained minor injuries. Another cabin crew member was more seriously injured and hospitalized for five days with smoke inhalation.

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