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Thread: Pipe flare (AGS/AN)

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    Default Pipe flare (AGS/AN)

    Hey chaps,

    following on from this thread

    Included angle of American is 74degress
    Included angle of British 32degrees

    My TTS notes don't mention actual angle, which in the attached thread is 37degrees? Is that for both American and British?



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    In the pre-JAA/EASA days, things were clean cut when it came to specs.

    To prepare for UK/CAA exams, one would quote BCAR/CAIP data. To prepare for FAA exams, one would use FAR data. And they varied a lot, as in this case. Another one used to be the minimum number of threads to determine the safety of a turnbuckle or bolted joint.

    Then came along the FAA/JAA harmonisation exercise to sort of smooth the edges and narrow the differences.

    The UK/CAA now conducts EASA PArt 66 exams to EASA standards. Would the UK/CAA be insisting on outdated AGS specs today?

    I would go for the AN spec at 74 degrees included.
    I love this job

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