ATW Online; Friday October28, 2016
LaGuardia runway EMAS saves US VP candidate aircraft
An Engineered Materials Arrestor System (EMAS) prevented a chartered Boeing 737 from a potentially serious crash after it skidded off the runway after landing at New York LaGuardia airport Oct. 27.

The aircraft was carrying US Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence along with aides and media. It skidded off the runway, on to the EMAS installed at the end each of LaGuardia’s two runways, and came to a stop on grass just inside the airport’s perimeter fence. There is a major highway on the other side of the fence. All crew and passengers evacuated without injury.

EMAS, a lightweight concrete material, is designed to crush under the weight of an aircraft, sinking the tires into the system and slowing the aircraft to a halt.

FAA has been installing EMAS at many US airports, with more than 100 equipped. After a series of aircraft over runs, a federal law was passed in 2005 that mandated US airports have a 1,000 ft. runway safety area or “an acceptable alternative” by 2015. For space-constrained airports, EMAS has been the alternative solution.

The LaGuardia incident is being investigated.

By: Karen Walker
Just brilliant.