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Thread: Interview at BAMC. Advice?

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    Default Interview at BAMC. Advice?

    This is my first interview for an airline. I'm pretty nervous to be honest haha.

    I've been through all the typical questions like strengths and weaknesses. Though does anyone know if the interview will be techinical?

    Also, do any of you work there now? And can tell me what the place is like?

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    Default Re: Interview at BAMC. Advice?

    Buy a book called "great answers to tough interview questions", this will get you through the HR part of the interview. Technical questions you will need to have as many scenarios as possible in the back of your mind.
    Whats the difference between leadership and management.
    How would you test a fuel shutoff valve
    Whats the difference between worn and worn out
    Would you fit a worn out part.
    Should you rob from an aircraft.
    You have two aircraft AOG, which would you do first and why and how etc

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    Default Re: Interview at BAMC. Advice?

    Advice? As you are on this site I'd guess you are looking for a job in engineering, so would need to know what job are you hoping for. Your first interview for an airline, so either ex military or previously worked in manufacturing or maybe straight from collage. Guess BAMC must have looked at your CV so that's the first hurdle over. So stick to your CV information which was enough to get an interview. Again they are aware you have no or little experience airline wise, so don't BS them stick to what you know. HR questions in the main can be more looking at your attitude definitely not technical, maybe an idea to know who the responsible manager is in BAMC. Demonstrating you have looked at the company you hope to join. Best of luck
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    Default Re: Interview at BAMC. Advice?

    Good rule of thumb is to do your research and know more about the company you are joining than the numpty in front of you doing the interview. Small things like knowing all their maint bases, their fleet make-up, their company motto (To Fly. To Serve.) Sound like you want to join.

    You could even find out how much they make for individual maintenance tasks which might be a good conversation item.

    Know the full details of your submitted CV as they will drill down into that. Have photos for any supporting activities (building and making a hot rod car etc) as these can get you talking about something you know a lot about.

    Knowing the full scope of the responsibilities for the post you are applying would be good to demonstrate.

    If you are specialising in Engineering, you could even revise the regulations and quoting parts of that could make you stand out for the crowd. EU 1321/2014

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