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    Morning all,

    I've had a quick dig around the forums and can't seem to find the answer to my question.
    I'm currently studying for my B2 license and work on mil helis. I have the possibility of working on some civilian owned military registered helis to get more tasks / experience for my logbook.
    My question is, can I still claim a task for my logbook if I carry out the task, under supervision but not sign the paperwork/ job card for that task as I don't hold an authorisation/signature with the company for that aircraft type? If the certifier is happy to sign my logbook, is this acceptable as there will only be a record of me doing this task in my logbook, rather than a signature in the aircraft maintenance documents?

    All feedback is gratefully received, good/bad/indifferent/sarcastic........etc

    Many thanks,


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    You'll best need the written OK from the CAA for acceptance before you start pasting yourself into a corner. Phoning them may not be enough as you normally only talk to (often helpful) admin staff who might not want to get pinned down. Your log book signatures would normally need to be from type-rated licensed technicians, with their license numbers (either on each signature or in a master signature list).

    You may need a letter from Quality to support the CAA requirement that the maintenance was carried out in an Part-145 or equivalent environment.

    Of course, you might just be able to 'wing it' with your application. There will be plenty along here in a minute to advise you how easy it will be....

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    I worked at FBH shawbury as a mech and as such did not hold companies approvals yet signed as the mech which was duly oversigned by the licensed engineer. the 741 log book entry of the task was then over signed by the engineer.
    At my last job we had numerous Army types Volunteer and carried out many tasks they all signed the aircraft paper work as mechs and we oversigned the task and there log books.
    Has the mail steamer arrived?

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