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Thread: Endorse first type im the license

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    Default Endorse first type im the license

    Good morning all,
    Someone can help me in some questions about the firat type endorsment in the license.

    1. After endorse in thw license a aircraft from the group 2 is only required course and pratical/proved experience or OJT can I endorse automaticaly in the license an aircraft group 1 (multi engine and/or complex aircraft) without the specific OJT in this aircraft?

    2. After I endorsed a B2 aircraft type in the license can I save a B2 helicopter automaticaly without OJT?

    Thanks All for your support


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    Default Re: Endorse first type im the license

    what member state will issue/issued the licence
    refer to the table in Part 66

    1. grp 2 would in the involve oral examination for UK, grp 1 you will need OJT,

    2. depends on what grp the helicopter is

    need more detail

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