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    If we all paid 0.02 per hour more (before tax) then we would give 1b in tax to the NHS

    Now Trident -

    I would rather have a fully funded healthcare and run the risk of having absolutely no input into a MAD deterrent.

    I would also protect jobs by having the affected areas build electric cars for free.

    Then I would tax all billionaires at 99.9% over 100m

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    our SAR cabs often sit waiting for a Ambulance to take the medical transfer patient off their hands for an hour or more. Total waste of a valuable asset.
    More money wont fix the health service... Its endemically crippled by mismanagement and government spin.
    Has the mail steamer arrived?

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    Germany higher issues, france higher issues, Scandinavia higher issues
    that tells even the least mentally able out there something or it says you know better those those nations and their doctors. I know which ones I believe.

    Do you seriously believe France and Germany would waste so much money? If you reply yes you are stuck with an old empire mentality. The NHS is chronically underfunded AND inefficient. It needs to be repaired on both fronts.

    @litebulbs, you seem intelligent so try this. The German health budget is actually now exceeding $450 billion, ours is $186. Yes they have 20 million more people so lets deduct 30%. Germany will still be spending $315 billion on the health of 60 million people. France spent $310 billion in 2014. Both countries roughly same amount for same population. But this is $130 billion more than the uk. In fact almost our budget again. Your tax increase is pathetic, it won't cover jack sh*t. Now use your intelligence. Either both France and Germany are incredibly inefficient or they know what health costs. Which is it?

    Source: mckinsey, deloitte.
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