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Thread: New working practices and restructuring .

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    The contract thing will only affect new starts, or maybe promotions, as I doubt very much an SOSR would be justified for everyone else.
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    Maybe ask your rep where they are in the process first, they may then supply the information that you need?

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    OCG contracts are a bucket full of crap. A certain area forgot to put their names down for OT and the place ground to a halt. No serviceable aircraft = no flights = no revenue!!! Shareholders have a word with management !!! And don't forget your feet, can always vote with them if the Ts and Cs are ��

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    That's already started to happen Tekno. Stopping the final salary pension started the outflow and the restructuring has made it worse. Many people see no future in BA. One managers attitude on the matter was ' if they want to go let them, we don't need people like them anyway and are better off without them'. This when they had no takers when they offered 10 LAE jobs out to external applicants.The applicants might have been successful but BA wasn't. It really is very sad to see.
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    Well Hugh those are the details as the BA rumour mill has them. As usual neither the management or the union are providing any hard information. So either the rumour mill is wrong or BA trying to ignore, (or circumvent), the legislation, either being equally possible.
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    Afternoon gents. Not been here for a long time and just thought I'd have a look to see what's going on at my old employer. Goes without saying its sad to see that things seem to be getting worse for you guys. Don't think I'll be rushing back anytime soon but genuinely hope things do eventually improve for you all.
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