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You cannot raise an ADD. Its not in the MEL nor is it a non-airworthiness item so you can't use 05-00-01 either. Unless there's an approved repair/dispensation in the AMM you have to fix it.

You need two bent spoons or a leatherman and a small screwdriver. You hook the outer panel and the inner plastic clip with one and ease it into a position where you can then pull the outher panel into postion with the other. Then pull the inner clip up over its hook. Then repeat with the other clip. It takes practice, harsh language and a few scraped knuckles.

You don't have to take the whole side panel down or take a delay but if that's what it takes so be it.

If its not damaged then it takes about 5 minutes. 2 minutes of which is taking your coat off, getting in position and getting out again.

For the record, BA Engineers are not unique in their whinging abilities.
Cheers, will give it try next time a Eurowings jet arrives. They have dozens of them taped up from their main base. They just defer them to the HIL (hold item list). EW just fly the pants off their aircraft. Very little down time for maintenance. That is becoming very apparent.