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    Hi All,

    Looking for advice on what to do next as I am coming up to finish my Part-147 course.

    My experience is as follows:

    Advanced apprenticeship in aeronautical engineering, including OJT on military helicopters.

    3 Years working in an engine overhaul facility (LF 507). However I don't know what I can use as proof for this if I wanted to use it to help my license application. The company was 145 and I have my approvals handbook but this was only internal. In the past when I was applying to new companies they simply used a reference to clarify.

    Currently I am doing this however when I applied it was advertised differently. I rushed into it without doing much research and put my faith in the two companies. To be honest I'm not sure if they are still offering it, but if any readers are thinking about applying please message me so I can give you information about it. The biggest positive is that most of the practical training is carried out in the 145 maintenance facility and you basically get experience as an aircraft mechanic. Practical experience can also be gained on the weekends. I didn't do the type rating because I didn't want to have to stay for another 1+ years to get the OJT.

    Since the course started in 2015 I have done periods of practical experience (few weeks here and there) and the last 5 months I have been working weekends for my practical experience logbook.

    So to summarise:

    3 Yrs shop work experience
    Part 147 CoR (From the CCAA but I emailed the CAA and they said they will accept it)
    2.5 years of disjointed practical experience.

    I am thinking of applying for an A license but I am not sure if I have enough experience. I also would like to get experience working with an A-licensed mechanic to get a better understanding of the role.

    I would like your opinion on which direction to take next. I would like to work towards my B license and a type rating.

    Is it better to go permanent for this? Do companies offer type training and actively help you acquire the experience and OJT you need? I'd be happy to pay for the course but from what I hear getting the OJT is the hard part. Would it be more beneficial to work line or base?

    How difficult is it to get the OJT log book filled as a contractor? Are the FTS, HF etc courses that you can do online genuine and accepted?

    Thanks for the help, look forward to you response.

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    Hi TJones,
    Looking at the Brookfield course, it feels like something in the right direction. Where the prospectus states:
    Complete theoretical and practical basic knowledge training and documentation for classroom and self-study for all modules and examinations,
    perhaps that meant you were supposed to take responsibility for taking those modules as the course went along. Your write-up doesn't show that you have passed any modules. After 2,5yrs of study, a few modules under your belt would be expected.

    You wrote:
    I didn't do the type rating because I didn't want to have to stay for another 1+ years to get the OJT.
    I guess you lost out by that decision. We have seen many cases where students have completed courses and passed all the Part66 B-Licence modules, yet struggle to get an opporunity for maintenance experience.
    I love this job

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    In my write up you'll see that I have the Certificate of Recognition, which is issued after completing a part-147 basic training course including all the modules and practical training log book. Responsibility - check.

    I agree that to a certain extent I lost out. Croatia Airlines could not give a date for the type rating. I wanted to gain experience working in the UK and get paid for it. I didn't plan / wasn't supposed to be in Croatia even until now and don't fancy living here for 1+ extra years. I'm hoping with my previous qualifications (apprenticeship, 3 years working in an engine shop) will help me in finding a job and will help demonstrate that I have a decent level of hand skill on top of the multiple choice exams passed.

    Will you offer any help for the questions asked?


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    Default Re: Next Step Advice

    Wondering how has it gone for T.Jones so far?
    I love this job

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