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Thread: do we 'engineer' or do we follow procedures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by No Smoking View Post
    The Maintenance Manager is exhibiting some complacency there. Casually introducing a field fix separate from the Design Office isn't going to help the organisation. The shiney metals we maintain have a way of carrying on long after we have moved on. Documented evidence recorded on drawings and Maintenance Manuals are the best legacy to guide those who have to maintain the aircraft and its systems long after our time.
    Spot on Smokey, this incident seems to be just one example of an ad-hoc engineering attitude towards approved compliance. He (my buddy) mentioned that the other aircraft he worked on also did nt follow wiring drawings, so his initial example was not isolated - which is why he walked - he got another job straight away, so he's a little wiser after this experience.
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    Default Re: do we 'engineer' or do we follow procedures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by litebulbs View Post
    An interesting contribution, litebulbs. The 31 pages will take a few nights to digest. I've had a quick scan and recommend a proper read up.
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    Outsourcing to a third party MRO with questionable profit motives. Amazing what yo see working in two different MROs in the same company. I saw expreicnced LAEs walking out of offices saying "I will not do that!" to guys of the same satus as their home base, but in charge. Gashness is not just an overseas thing.
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