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Thread: B1 to B2 type differences course timing limitation

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    Default B1 to B2 type differences course timing limitation

    I'm currently looking at a couple of EASA B1 to B2 type differences courses. It has been approx ten years since sitting the initial B1 courses and I have been actively certifying B1 & C on both types since. I hold B2 on another similar type which again I'm actively certifying on.

    I have heard that there maybe a limitation on the time elapsed from the initial type course to completing the differences course of four years. As I can't find anything in EASA does this ring true with anyone and if so could they point me in the right direction in the regulations?

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    Default Re: B1 to B2 type differences course timing limitation

    Its 3 years from the start of the course for the Initial Validity
    See Part 66 Appendix III 1 (a) (iv) and (b)(v)

    Differences are Para (c) (ii) & (iii) and not defined as its a case by case basis subject to the member state where the application is made.

    My only thought ....... if it was ages ago then you may need a tech refresher that the NAA have approved acceptable. There lies the landmine which could blow your legs off.

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    Default Re: B1 to B2 type differences course timing limitation

    Got told the same thing...
    Need to do an initial avionics plus practical or initial mech + differences + practical.
    And guess what they recommended doing the 3 course route.
    Another on of thier tricks appears to scheduling avionics initial theory courses without a practical course to follow.
    Joys of small aircraft with limited course providers. ��
    What goes up nearly always comes down.

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