ATW Online; Friday 26 October 2018
Boeing opens new 737/767 components factory in Sheffield, UK

Boeing has opened a Boeing 737 and 767 components manufacturing plant in Sheffield in northern UK, marking the manufacturer’s first European production site.

“The new factory, the company’s first manufacturing site in Europe, makes actuation system components for the 737 and 767 passenger jets from raw materials sourced in the UK. At full capacity, Boeing Sheffield will produce thousands of parts each month, which will be shipped for assembly in Boeing’s Portland plant in Oregon, United States,” Boeing said in a statement Oct. 25.

Boeing has invested more than £40 million ($51.7 million) in the new 6,200 sq m facility, which employs 52 staff and manufactures more than 100 actuation components for the 737 and 767 wing trailing edge.

The US manufacturer has had a presence in the local area since 2001, when it co-founded the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC) with the University of Sheffield in Rotherham.

“Boeing Sheffield is a direct result of this longstanding and successful relationship with the AMRC and its world-class research and development. The company has initiated a major new research program with the AMRC to develop new manufacturing techniques that can be applied to the new Boeing Sheffield facility,” the company said.

By: Victoria Moores
NS Comment: Head count of 52, but local sourcing will involve some other supply chain add-ons. Good news for the UK North.