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Thread: Taking-off With Contaminated Flight Surfaces

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    Default Taking-off With Contaminated Flight Surfaces

    ATW Online; Tuesday 18 December 2018
    Canadian crash investigators seek anti-ice improvements

    Pilots in northern Canada frequently take off with ice-contaminated wings, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) has found.

    The discovery came as part of the TSB’s investigation into the December 2017 crash of a West Wind Aviation ATR 42-320 almost immediately after takeoff from Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan. All 25 occupants were injured, 10 seriously; one person subsequently died.

    “Early in the investigation, it was determined that the crew took off from Fond-du-Lac with ice contamination on the aircraft’s critical surfaces,” the TSB said. “The operator had some de-icing equipment in the terminal building, but it was not adequate for de-icing an ATR 42. Ice or snow on critical surfaces (such as wings, stabilizers and propellers) will result in aerodynamic degradation, which can lead to difficulty controlling an aircraft.

    “The lack of adequate de-icing equipment at remote northern Canadian airports and the frequency of flights taking off with contaminated critical surfaces constitute a widespread, recurrent issue that exposes passengers and flight crews to unnecessary risk,” TSB chairwoman Kathy Fox said.

    “It is time that Transport Canada and the aviation industry give people the tools they need to adequately de-ice aircraft. There also needs to be better compliance with the regulations prohibiting take-offs with ice, snow and frost contamination.”

    By: Alan Dron
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    Default Re: Taking-off With Contaminated Flight Surfaces

    Ferrying aircraft across Canada in the winter especially with aircraft having to make transit stops needs great care. When temperature are low enough to freeze LCD screens if aircraft on the ground for too long. Not something we have to deal with in the UK, Canadian pure blue skies with ice crystals in the dry air.
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