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Thread: Drones Ground Flight Services at London Gatwick Airport

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    Default Drones Ground Flight Services at London Gatwick Airport

    ATW Online; Thursday 20 December 2018
    British Army assist police to find drone pilots in Gatwick disruption

    The British Army has been called in to help police track down drone operators that have paralyzed London Gatwick, Britainís second busiest airport since the evening of Dec. 19.

    Personnel with specialist equipment have been requested to help find the operators who have been deliberately flying their systems around Gatwick on and off for nearly 20 hours.

    Their actions have forced hundreds of flight cancellations and diversions, stranding tens of thousands of passengers on one of the busiest days of the year in the lead-up to the Christmas break.

    ...... the UK defense ministry has invested in a series of counter-unmanned air systems trials called Bristow and earlier this year, the Ministry of Defence placed an order an Israeli system called Drone Dome produced by Rafael.

    It is unclear whether this system will be deployed to support the hunt for the drone and its operators.

    By: Tony Osborne
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    NS Comment: The world is full of nutters who get their kick from all sorts of clandestine activities.
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    Default Re: Drones Ground Flight Services at London Gatwick Airport

    No doubt great fun for the less mentally endowed. But this really is over the top the shear length of time makes it a malicious attack.
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