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Thread: Tornado UK Farewell Flypasts

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    Default Tornado UK Farewell Flypasts

    So it's time to say farewll to an aircraft many of us have loved and hated, sometimes many times within one shift.

    The round uk wizz around is next Tues, Wed and Thursday (As they say weather/ a.c. availability ect).

    I for one will try and make sure this huge part of my life gets a wave....... my thoughts will also with good friends who didn't make it back.
    Dont forget, its an adventure, not a job!

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    Default Re: Tornado UK Farewell Flypasts

    The Jaguars did a two day tour with a 13 ship. Hope the Tornado boys can manage the same. Worked on them a long time before I touched Jags.
    Alonso Hater

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