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Thread: New Home for Old Shorts Brothers Fleets

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    Cool New Home for Old Shorts Brothers Fleets

    ATW Online; Monday 19 August 2019
    Bombardier transfers legacy type certificates to Viking Air

    Canada’s Viking Air has acquired type certificates for three legacy aircraft from Bombardier.

    Viking had previously acquired the rights from Bombardier to manufacture the former de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter and now holds all historic type certificates for the DHC-1 through DHC-7.

    The latest acquisition sees the transfer of three more legacy Bombardier types: the Shorts SC7 Skyvan and Shorts 330/360. The Skyvan was used primarily as a short-haul military transport, although some found a role in the passenger market, while the 330 and 360 gained some traction in the commuter market in the 1980s and early 1990s.

    The agreement gives Viking responsibility for maintenance support of the aircraft. Bombardier says that there are 45 Skyvans, 16 330s and 55 360s still in service worldwide.

    The types were constructed by the Short Brothers company in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Shorts was acquired by Bombardier in 1989.

    By: Alan Dron
    NS Comment: Can't forget my memorable encounter with a Skyvan which visited our Aviation College airfield in my first year. We had resident Chipmunks, Cessna 150s and Piper Aztecs, so the visitor was the biggest machine in town, causing us to flock around it. The shiny single disk brakes caught my attention and, yeah, I touched it. I still feel the heat!!!
    I love this job

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    Default Re: New Home for Old Shorts Brothers Fleets

    Worked on all three in the 90’s , classic old school aircraft !
    B737,757,767 , A320/330/340/350 ........ And several bars .....

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