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Thread: Air China A330 Aircraft on Fire at Boarding Gate, Beijing Airport

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    Default Air China A330 Aircraft on Fire at Boarding Gate, Beijing Airport

    Aviation Herald; Tuesday 27 August 2019
    Accident: Air China A333 at Beijing on Aug 27th 2019, aircraft on fire at the gate

    An Air China Airbus A330-300, registration B-5958 performing flight CA-183 from Beijing (China) to Tokyo Haneda (Japan), was boarding for departure, when smoke emanated from the aircraft prompting a rapid disembarkation of the people on board, cabin and flight crew vacated the aircraft via the jet bridge after all passengers. Emergency services responded and extinguished a fire in the forward cargo hold. There were no injuries, the aircraft received substantial damage.

    The airline reported: "On August 27th Beijing time, the CA183 flight from Beijing to Tokyo, during the passenger boarding, found that the cargo space in front of the aircraft smoked, the crew quickly took fire-fighting measures and organized the safe evacuation of all passengers. The specific cause of the incident is under investigation."

    The aircraft had arrived as flight CA-976 from Singapore (Singapore) about two hours earlier.

    By: Simon Hradecky
    Full Report:

    NS Comment: Mercifully, happened on ground and didn't engulf other aircraft nor airport building.
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    Default Re: Air China A330 Aircraft on Fire at Boarding Gate, Beijing Airport

    ATW Online; Thursday 29 August 2019
    CAAC report gives no cause of Air China A330 fire

    A fire that severely damaged an Air China Airbus A330-300 during boarding at Beijing Capital International Airport Aug. 27 was brought under control 57 min. after discovery, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

    The brief report gives no hint as to the cause of the fire, detected when smoke came from the forward cargo hold. Photographs on social media show the fire burned through the top of the fuselage between the wing and forward passenger doors.

    At 4:48 p.m., when 147 people were aboard, the cabin crew heard an alarm for the space below the second left cabin door and smelled an irritating odor, according to the CAAC’s brief report. Seeing white smoke near the connection between the door and aerobridge, they immediately alerted the flight crew.

    At the same time in the cockpit, the aircraft’s electronic centralized monitoring system issued a “smoke/fwd cargo smoke” alert. The flight crew activated fire extinguishing bottles in the hold and called “mayday.”

    Air China has not stated what it will do with, or whether it will scrap, the five-year-old A330.

    In a separate statement, CAAC said cargo in the forward hold comprised road-vehicle air pumps, pump parts, plastic boxes, polyester storage bags, camera lens assemblies, camera flash units, toys, sticky note paper, decorative flowers, dresses, plastic furniture, tubes for suction bells and impellers. There was no baggage in the hold. The aft hold contained clothing, wind chimes, backpacks and pendants for use with telephones. The bulk cargo space contained “mixed goods [and] sweaters,” CAAC said.
    No baggage is mentioned in relation to the aft hold or bulk cargo space.

    By: Bradley Perrett
    Full Report:

    NS Comment: No mention of CAAC inviting Airbus to take part in the investigation. Every effort needs to be made to ascertain the cause of this strange fire.
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