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Thread: Door Armed Pennant P/N?

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    Does anyone happen to have the p/n for the orange fabric pennant (flag) with a screw at one end and a pressed stud at the other end which goes across the viewing window on pax/service doors on a 737cl(and NG?) to indicate they are Armed. I had a look in the IPC CH52 but don't seem to be able to find a part number for it.

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    If I understand you correctly, try Chapter 25, in my very out of date (737-300) IPC, it's 25-61-50-03

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    Thank you that did the trick. The p/n seems to be 65-87474-5 for the L1 door. Having said, our stores system does not recognise the part number so it's back to using velcro and trying to cock something up until we can get tech services to order some in for stock.

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    69-65665-1. It is double length installed folded with velcro in the middle (no idea why it is like this) but it'll do.

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