ATW Online; Wednesday 06 November 2019
Airlines prepare for first CORSIA emissions reports

Airlines worldwide are on track to submit their first full year of emissions data under ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), although some regulators have been slow to react to the new rules.

ICAO adopted CORSIA, a global market-based carbon offset program, in October 2016. Since then, ICAO has been working to create the technical framework for CORSIA implementation.

Under CORSIA, airlines were mandated to monitor international flight emissions from Jan. 1, 2019 under an approved monitoring plan. The final 2019 reports must be verified and submitted to a national administering body before the end of May 2020. Each member state will then report back to ICAO. This will form the baseline data for the offsetting phase of CORSIA.

During emissions-monitoring workshops, IATA senior environment manager Michel Adam said airlines gave feedback on their early CORSIA experiences.

British Airways (BA) Environment Manager Andy Kershaw said he feels ready to comply with CORSIA, partly because of the experience BA has built up under the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS).

“We feel confident we can meet the requirements, but at same time we are staying a bit flexible, because the UK is working towards exiting the EU,” Kershaw said. This means BA could have to comply with the EU ETS, a new UK ETS, a new Swiss ETS and CORSIA, all of which could have slightly different requirements.

“The alignment [between EU ETS and CORSIA] isn’t 100% pure. There’s still a few elements that are not aligned,” he said. For example, EU ETS allows two monitoring methods, while CORSIA allows five. BA uses an approach that is accepted in both systems.

By: Victoria Moores
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NS Comment: How are airlines monitoring these emissions - any new instrumentation on board?

Airlines from America have had issues with the EU ETS in the past, complaining about the arbitrariness of the whole thing.

Now that Trump has pulled the USA out of the Paris Agreement, what hope is there of their participation in ICAO's CORSIA?