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Thread: Boeing’s 777X Takes to the Skies

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    Thumbs up Boeing’s 777X Takes to the Skies

    Flight Global News; Saturday 25 January 2020;
    Boeing’s 777X Takes to the Skies

    After two thwarted attempts, Boeing’s flight test 777X lifted off from Paine Field on 25 January. .

    With the 777-9 airborne, the aircraft programme enters the critical flight-test phase. Boeing initially intended to begin flight testing in 2019 and to achieve certification in 2020, but an issue with the 777X’s GE Aviation GE9X turbofan last year pushed flight testing into 2020.

    That issue involved stator vanes in the GE9X’s high-pressure compressor and resulting hotter-than-expected exhaust gas temperatures, which was causing premature degradation of components. GE recalled four GE9X engines from Boeing last year and has said it fixed the issue.

    Launched by Boeing at the Dubai air show in 2013, the 777X is an upgraded version of the 777, an extremely successful fly-by-wire airliner that some analysts and former Boeing engineers say represents the pinnacle of the company’s engineering might.

    By: Jon Hemmerdinger
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    NS Comment: Great to have a positive start to the new year.
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    Default Re: Boeing’s 777X Takes to the Skies

    Flight Global News; Sunday 26 January 2020;
    Boeing eyes 2021 delivery as 777-9 completes maiden flight

    The successful completion (below) of the 777-9’s 3h 51min maiden flight on 25 January signalled the start of at least a year of flight-testing for Boeing.

    The flightcrew for the test comprised 777/777X chief pilot Capt Van Chaney and Boeing chief pilot Craig Bomben. They undertook an initial test programme to evaluate the aircraft’s systems and structures, monitored in real time by the test team in Seattle.

    Boeing says that WH001, which is the first of four dedicated 777-9 flight-test aircraft, is now undergoing checks ahead of resuming flight-testing “in the coming days”. It adds that it expects 777-9 deliveries to begin in 2021.

    By: Max Kingsley-Jones
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    NS Comment: The eyes of the world will be focused on this for the next year. Good luck, Boeing.
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