Monday 03 August 2020
Preliminary Summary of the FAA’s Review of the Boeing 737 MAX

The FAA wants to see four design changes on the 737 MAXs. They are;

• Installing updated flight control software (with new control laws) for the FCC operational program software;
• Installing updated MDS display processing computer software to generate an AOA disagree alert;
• Revising certain AFM flight crew operating procedures; and
• Changing the routing of horizontal stabilizer trim wires.

According to the FAA, the first change will prevent erroneous MCAS activation.
The second change will alert the pilots that the airplane’s two AOA sensors are disagreeing by a certain amount, indicating a potential AOA sensor failure.
The third change will help ensure that the flight crew has the means to recognize and respond to erroneous stabilizer movement and the effects of a potential AOA sensor failure.
Finally, the fourth change will restore compliance with the FAA’s latest wire separation safety standards.

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NS Comment: May take a bit longer for the MAX to get back to revenue flights. An FAA NPRM is expected this week.