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Thread: Chinese Long March 5B Space Rocket Out-of-Control

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    Exclamation Chinese Long March 5B Space Rocket Out-of-Control

    The Independent; Wednesday 05 May 2021
    China’s falling rocket: What happens if out-of-control Long March 5B hits the Earth?

    The Long March 5B rocket is falling back to Earth after launching part of China’s next space station.

    The 30-meter long rocket entered orbital velocity, meaning it is now traveling around the world every 90 minutes – too fast for space agencies to tell where it is going to land.

    Last year, a similar prototype craft came within 13 minutes of hitting New York City. The craft was eventually confirmed by the US Space Force’s 18th Space Control Squadron to have landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

    If the rocket re-enters the atmosphere above a populated area, the result will be akin to a small plane crash scattered over 100 miles, Jonathan McDowell, Astrophysicist at the Astrophysics Centre at Harvard University, has said.

    Fortunately, the likelihood is that people will remain safe and there will be little damage to buildings or the environment. This is not due to preventative or defensive measures, however, but rather a question of statistics.

    For an uncontrolled re-entry event like this, it is not possible to accurately predict where the object or parts of the object will fall, the European Space Agency (ESA) says.

    This is mainly because atmospheric density, which is what will push the rocket’s altitude to eventual re-entry, is not known below 300 kilometres because spacecraft do not fly at such low heights.

    The Long March 5B rocket is currently fluctuating at an altitude of between 170 and 372 kilometres, but has been seen dropping to 160 kilometres today.

    It is also likely that the object will simply burn up on re-entry, but parts of the rocket with a high melting point could make it to the ground. Experts struggle to know exactly how the rocket will make it through its re-entry, because the Chinese space agency only gives limited information about its spacecraft.

    Yet because the Earth is 75 per cent water, and because large areas of land are uninhabited, the risk of any single individual is quite small – with people at more risk driving a car than from this rocket
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    NS Comment: Three days to go for this failed rocket making an uncontrolled return to earth. The Chinese have a way to keep us wondering what's next.
    They never owned up to COVID, though.
    I love this job

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    Default Re: Chinese Long March 5B Space Rocket Out-of-Control

    Daily Mail; Sunday 09 May 2021
    NASA blasts China for 'failing to meet responsible standards' over space debris after 18-ton rocket breaks up on re-entry over the Indian Ocean near the Maldives

    NASA has issued a strongly-worded rebuke to China over its space program, accusing the country of 'failing to meet responsible standards' after debris from an uncontrolled rocket reentered Earth's atmosphere late on Saturday evening.

    China's Long March rocket stage arrived back above the Indian Ocean, north of the Maldives, U.S. officials confirmed.

    Concerns that the 18-ton object could smash into land were unfounded, and the rocket broke up upon reentry.

    It re-entered the Earth's atmosphere at 10.14pm U.S. Eastern Time on Saturday and fell into the Ocean, according to Space Force's 18 Space Control Squadron.

    Bill Nelson, the NASA administration, criticized Beijing on Saturday and insisted it was 'critical' for China and other countries to 'act responsibly and transparently in space.'
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    NS Comment: NASA got a valid point to call out Chinese behaviour with these heavy and very fast objects re-entering the Earth while being out of control.
    I love this job

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