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    hi just recently i have been spending a lot of my spare time in the norfolk area, i was just wondering if any of the guys who work there could give me any info as to what it is like to work there, and to a lesser extent what the rates of pay are.Firstly for A licensed technicians and also B1 LAE'S.
    any help would be appreciated.
    thanks in advance
    d o smelly

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    I've heard this before. What's this 'A-Licensed Technician' rubbish all about?

    Fact 'A'= Mechanic
    'B'= Technician
    'C'= Engineer


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    So JB do you actually have any words of wisdom or just self indulgent pap? You know what i mean, the guy is asking for info/help etc not sarchy comments!

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    My apologies to DO I have gone off on this one.

    KLM uk (Air uk) were my first employer back here in dear old blighty and I think they're OK but then I never worked at Norwich. If you're looking for a start then you can do far worse but as things are today you'd better be ready to go Dutch!! Sure go work there but don't get stuck there.

    Now, where do we discuss the fact that if all you hold is an 'A' Licence then you'd better get used to the sh## end of the stick and the inexorable de-skilling of this industry with comensurate pay reductions as required by the 'operators'. As other people have noted on this site supply and demand are king. Increase the labour pool by whatever means you can and drive down the wages. Bingo, bigger profits! Oldest trick in the book.
    The price pressures in this industry are incredible, don't imagine for one second that there will ever be a shorage of staff serious enough to drive up the wages. It isn't going to happen!!
    One final thought: what will happen when everyone holds A, B1, B2 and C in every current type??
    Ps feel free to move this rant to the 'bitching about, site where it really belongs!!

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    Well James....
    Just after all the aeroplanes go to fully automatic is when we all start to get combined A/B&C EASA Pt66 Licences and better pay than the most senior ex-Pilots!

    Back to NWI though - It really is like any other aerodrome - but with Norwich Weighting = 1/3 less pay!
    Go there by all means for the experience but...

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