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Thread: Army v Navy Rugby 01 May 2004

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    Default Army v Navy Rugby 01 May 2004

    Hi gents......Twickenham, 01 May....Army v Navy Rugby. You will meet people there who you thought were dead...even those that you hoped would be dead by now!!! Is a great crack....wander into "The Cabbage Patch" at about 1100 and you will see what I mean! Anyone that knows me, come and say hello. Speak the magic words, "You are Fat Bloke, and I claim my free pint" and the BEER (quantity 1) is on me! Hope to see you all there.

    Regards. FB. (aka Pie Eater, Mr September, Oi you, etcetera!)

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    Default Re: Army v Navy Rugby 01 May 2004

    Alright Fatty, sorry for the absense. Life busy at mo. Haven't even got time to sh*t myself these days.

    Would love to do the rugby again but at R.R. in derby wed/thur that week with Baz. Stand no chance of getting leave from Mrs. Unless she murders the boys whilst I'm in Derby!!

    Glad you enjoyed the Hadj etc. Loaded? What's your plans for this summer?

    Make you laugh time- MAEL have offered a pay rise to engineers, as long as "it doesn't cost us anything!" Work that one out.

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    Default Re: Army v Navy Rugby 01 May 2004

    Am in "Gissajob" mode at the moment. Finish here in Munich next week. Not worried though.....plenty about......I hope! For all you ex Germany guys, the Hofbrauhaus still makes you feel ill the next morning, but the Roast Suckling Pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

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