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Thread: Airmech....The Future

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    Default Airmech....The Future

    We have a number of ideas about how to take the site forward but the most important thing is that we ensure the you the users have a say in what goes on.
    Some of the wide and varied ideas are. Toolbox stickers, A licence quiz, Build up the bookshop, tie in with both a jobsite dedicated to engineering vacancies and a sweet useful distance learning course for full and part modules that will have a good user driven feedback and subsequent adaptation, tie in more with and promote the ALAE,
    these are all in the planning stage but we would greatly appreciate any changes you think would be of benefit to yourselves so any ideas or feedback on the above would be much appreciated.
    Over to you.......

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    OK to all, minus the quiz.
    I love this job

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    Sounds good so far then.
    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm

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