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    Right then, this is how it all works.

    All 'active members' with posts as of 11th October 2005 there is no change whatsoever to your membership except that you have now lucked in and have access to view the questions database. You must obviously be logged in as usual to enjoy all these permissions.

    Existing members with zero posts, those that have not logged in for 12 months, and new members - you can view the board and configure your avatar and signature , however you can not post or private message nor can you view any of the question bank other than the topic headings.

    You must upgrade to full membership to allow replying to posts,private messaging,starting topics and viewing the complete question bank.

    To upgrade to full membership will cost 10 for 18 months access, paid via the link below. You can also buy a trial subscription for 5 that lasts for 6 months only. We accept all major currencies via paypal.

    If you are not comfortable with Paypal then you can mail a cheque to us, Contact us via the "Contact us" link (center of the top banner) and I'll send you the address. This option will be 30 but will give you lifetime membership.

    Upgrade here

    Or via your own "User CP" accessed via the top left hand link in the welcome banner . Remember this will only be available when you are logged in.

    On upgrading, your permissions will automatically be upgraded by some very clever stuff of which I have no knowledge.

    If you have any questions about membership the please contact us via the "contact us" link before starting the membership process.

    Please do not forget the registration rules and if at least 2 of the moderators deem your conduct to be rude, offensive or targetting an individual then we reserve the right to restrict your membership. If you feel you are about to be naughty then run it by us first !!! None of us are ogres and the board is for good clean fun.

    Enjoy the board and make the most of the wealth of info, help and good fun that the existing members of our community enjoy .
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