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    I am having great trouble getting any form of support from my employer in the persuit of the Nebosh Gen Cert. do any companies out there actively support their safety reps in this kind of thing? i would be glad to if they did, it might help me win them over. or is it the same everywhere? sad case if so.

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    Sorry to say that this level of Qualification is actually way above the staff safety rep level. Its actually aimed at the H&S practioner appointment. The HS advisor in most companies as the actual role, not as a staff HS rep.

    Saying that , I know that one of the managers at my last place (BACX) did an awful lot to try and raise the H&S of everyone concerned by getting a fully recognised IOSH course for Mechanics , and a full IOSH managing safely course for Every LAE (In the eyes of the law , supervisors are amjor responsibilty level , hecne why the LAEs got the higher level, although a fair number of other staff levels got it to. (In fact that whole set up was then picked up by the rest of the operation including us on the line, so we all benifited from that Base managers decisions)

    However he did also have the forsight to get one of the Engineers to do the NEBOSH Gen Cert though to ensure that is own base maint department was always going to be full covered, which came in very handy to us all when the H&S advisor left the company.

    I'm told it wasnt easy to achieve and unless there is some sort of immediate return, most companies without the good awareness to not put all the eggs in one basket, will feel its not a point to spend valuable training money on.

    So have you done the IOSH Managing safely course ? If not Id say get that one done first then if your HS advisor doesnt feel threatened use him to put together why you think you need to have him and a part timer in the role.

    Or if your in the UNION , then get on the Union H&S courses and see if they will sponsor your NEBOSH level ?

    But to be pretty fair, if you can get all your LAES done and they make use of the qualification , I guess there is only realy work for one NEBOSH holder in normal circumstances.
    Sorry if its not what you wanted to know . Where is it you work anyway ?
    I dont think so

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