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    Hi there,

    Just been excepted on the Hons Degree Top up course. Do my induction next week. Was wondering if anyone has just done the course or finished there first year and might shed some light on what to expect. Or maybe you're starting next week too....

    look forward to hearing from you


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    I think you may fail at the first hurdle at "Kingstone" College

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    Just starting my 2nd year of the top-up. Be ready for plenty of tough maths in the first reading week. The 2nd week next year was a joke - learn how to be a storeman and human factors from a guy who couldn't even spell HF. Weatherspoons across the road from the Travel lodge is ok, though, as is the Thai place along the street.

    PM me for more details
    At least now I can be legally legless

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    Call me old fashioned; but I always thought being excepted was bad news?
    I'd rather be 'accepted' for a course and enjoy being 'there' on 'their' course at Kingston too.

    Still, At least it's a Center of Eccellance!!!
    Looked alright to Me....

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    Been there....done that!!

    Course was a complete shambles....but you do get the chance to wear a funny hat and a Batman cape at your graduation!

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    The first week of the course is the hardest doing Aerodynamics, the second week is easier doing aircraft maintenance theory. If you can survive the first year the second year is easier and has better lecturers. All the best just do not give up in the first year as you will get through it no problem, and at the end of the day you get a degree which is valuable is progressing your career in the future.

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    Thanks for those who posted a 'constructive' response to my thread. Looking forward to getting on with the course


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