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Thread: AirNZ A320 crash

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    Quote Originally Posted by No Smoking View Post
    ATW Online: Monday September 20, 2010
    French BEA affirms XL / ANZ A320 crash caused by frozen Angle of Attack sensors

    What is the A320 AoA like? I'm familiar with the types used on Boeings. What passages on the unit allow water penetration?
    I don't think many dynamic seals (especially ones that are only there for enviromental reasons and aren't high pressure seals) like high pressure steam / water jet cleaners being aimed at them. IMHO of course.

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    I hope it makes them safer.

    My thoughts remain with all affected in this event.

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    Defective AOAs may have contributed to the crash at Parpinjon but they were not the main factor..... contrary to the approved acceptance check manual, the pilots were carrying out a low speed stall test at very low altitude.

    Even at this altitude, the aircraft could still have regained lift but the pilots reaction was: TOGA and nose-up. This made the stall worse.....

    We simulated the situation a few times on the sim and the only way to save the aircraft was TOGA and nose down.... but it takes guts to wait for pull up until the aircraft has regained airspeed..... even on the sim....
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    There were many problems with this flight.

    I think AOA sensors with water/ice was one.

    I also think flights of this nature need great planning and attention for all involved.

    I think pilots doing these type of testing's could be more well trained, like test pilot's I think.

    Aircraft in normal service is different to aircraft going through the hanger/mods/changing tail colours etc etc.

    Again, my thoughts remain with all affected of this sad event.

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